Marshall Rosenberg is the father of the “Non-Violent Communication” (NVC) movement. At Storytell, we are applying it to building and leading effective teams.

NVC is both simple and difficult.

Below are excerpts from some of the NVC teachings from its author, Marshall Rosenberg. To hear all of his recordings, drop this dropbox link into the CloudBeats player. Marshall speaks very slowly and the CloudBeats player let you listen at 2x or 3X. The player also lets you download the files for offline listening.

Excerpts from Marshall’s NVC Teachings:

We’ve pulled out the most impactful of Marshall’s teachings to help you ramp up on the principles. Each title below links to one specific block of Marshall’s teachings, with summary notes below.

1.6: A radical transformation of language

1.7: Strategies to avoid

1.8: language that denies choice

2.2 Four friends: Anger, Depression, Guilt and Shame

2.3: Coming back to life when angry